EU Freshwater Policies

EU Freshwater Policies – Framework contract to provide services to support the development and implementation of EU freshwater policies (ENV.Dl/FRA/2012/0014)
DG Environment

This Framework Contract aims to provide services to the Water Unit in DG Environment, EU Commission in relation to the following:

  • Advice on scientific, socio-economic and technical issues related to the issues dealt with within the Common Implementation Strategy (CĪS) of the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Floods Directive, including support to the Strategic Co-ordination Group, the working groups, etc.
  • Technical assistance in the assessment and compliance checking of the implementation of the EU water legislation (WFD, priority substances Directive, Groundwater Directive and Floods Directive)
  • Technical assistance in assessing inter-linkages between the WFD implementation and other pieces of EU water legislation and in integration of water policy into other EU policies areas, including biodiversity, green infrastructure, Nature, soils, forests, marine, REACH, agriculture, energy, transport, industry, regional policy and cohesion and trans-boundary and international cooperation,
  • Technical assistance in the development of the Water Information System for Europe (WISE)
  • Technical assistance in new policy developments and specific areas of study as a follow-up of the Blueprint, including development of indicators and targets for water efficiency, further assessment of the impacts on the water cycle of climate change, variability, land-use and socio-economic development, assessment of costs, benefits and implementation barriers of measures managing water demand, improving water availability and restoring water ecosystems, quantification and valuation of water related ecosystem services, water accounts, life-cycle / footprint assessments, environmental flows, integrated assessment modelling, water-food-energy nexus, etc.

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