About us

about_01SEVEN – ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS is a newly established Greek company providing engineering consulting services. Its fields of intervention are in the areas of Water Resources, Environment, Energy, Geology and Urban Planning. Our strategic objective is to provide integrated and workable solutions, combining both advanced consulting and engineering research expertise. We introduce smart thinking, design practical approaches, and bring together interdisciplinary expertise to tackle critical environmental issues and bridge the gap between science and policy. We are further committed to contribute to the development of a marketplace of ideas for SMEs in the wider water sector, supporting business innovation to develop and test new marketable products or services, partnering businesses to agencies for a smart uptake and advanced capitalization of technological and scientific results.

The company has been established in November 2010, as a General Partnership (G.P.), Engineering Consulting Firm, and has been officially registered in the Court of First Instance of Athens. The Company is also registered in the official registry on the Technical Chamber of Greece and the General Commercial Registry (G.E.M.H.) of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (E.B.E.A.). SEVEN complies with the definition of SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) according to the Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC, while the company governance is defined by its Statute of Association which also sets its operational framework (vision, objectives, targets, administrative and financial management, etc.).

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