Maggie Kossida

Expertise: Water Resources Management, Hydrology, Geology

Director and founder of SEVEN-Engineering Consultants, Maggie is a senior hydrologist, holding a PhD in Water Resources Management, a MS in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering from TUFTS University, Boston (USA), and a BS in Geology from Athens University (GR). She has a great experience in integrated water resources management, hydrological modelling, climate change simulation and environmental indicators development (e.g. on water scarcity) and has previously received a fellowship by the National Science Foundation (NSF-USA). She has been actively involved in different EU programmes as project manager: ABOT, EPI-WATER, ETC/ICM, MEDDMAN, IWRM.Net, FLOODMED, SPI-Water, FLAPP. She has acted as Team Leader for Water Quantity of the European Topic Centre on Water-ETC/ICM of the European Environment Agency, participating in the CIS Expert Network on Water Scarcity & Drought (WS&D), leading the Core Group on the WS&D indicators development at EU scale. She has also provided consultant services for DG ENV (Framework contract to provide services to support the development and implementation of EU Freshwater Policies, Comparative Study on Pressures and Measures in the major River Basin Management Plans,  Water Scarcity & Droughts Policy in the EU – Gap Analysis, EU Water Saving Potential study), for the SEMIDE-EMWIS (Preparation of a Mediterranean synthesis on water scarcity and drought, and Validation of Data collection in Mediterranean pilot basins) and has developed on behalf of EEA the new WISE-SoE reporting on the state & quantity of water resources in close collaboration with the EIONET NFPs and NRCs.

She has contributed in policy development process: commenting of the EU Flood Directive, contribution to development of methods for transboundary river management, familiarization with EU and national policies to bridge the gap between science & policy, contribution to the Water Scarcity and Drought Policy Review, contribution to the Blueprint to safeguard Europe’s waters. She has been funded by the Onassis Public Benefit Foundation a research project on Environmental Water Accounts for Greece (EWA GR). She has participated in numerous workshops and conferences (also as an organiser) and has acquired multiple publications, including main reports for the EEA on environmental issues, creation of indicators and maps for the WISE (Water Information System for Europe), as well as development of dissemination material and policy briefs for different water related issues.

Languages: Greek, English, French

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