GENinWRM – Understanding and advancing gender-sensitive responses to Integrated Water Resources Management, in line with SDG indicator 6.5.1. Global Water Partnership Organization (GWPO)

Global Water Partnership Organization (GWPO)

The objective of the consultancy is, by means of literature analysis and structured interviews, to contribute to a better understanding among key target audiences (water and environment managers in national governments, international organisations, etc.) on the multiple benefits of more fully integrating gender considerations into water resources management and empowering women’s participation, so as to contribute to accelerating achievement of SDG 6.5.1 and other related SDG targets. The consultancy, in coordination with GWP and UNEP-DHI Center, is conducting an analysis around the gender questions in the SDG 6.5.1 indicator, to provide clearer guidance to countries in terms of what it means for water resources management to be more inclusive of gender in relevant laws and plans.

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