LIFE B2E4sustainable-WWTP

LIFE B2E4sustainable-WWTP – New concept for energy self-sustainable wastewater treatment process and biosolids management

European Commission, LIFE Framework Programme

The environmental problem targeted by LIFE B2E4sustainable-WWTP project is the pollution of water bodies caused by the weak performance of WWTPs (particularly overloaded WWTPs) and the intensive energy consumption of WWTPs. The project aims to improve the performance of extended aeration activated sludge process by upstream removal of a large fraction of TSS and BOD using a self-sustainable process that reduces the environmental impact of solids management by applying an innovative treatment system that transforms biosolids into energy and minimal solid inert waste. Therefore, the project suggests a viable solution to the aquatic pollution from under-performing WWTPs and from sewage sludge disposal, to the greenhouse emissions, and to the high energy requirements of WWTPs. SEVEN is a subcontractor in the project.

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